Why Choose Newspaper WordPress Theme


Newspaper wordpress theme is definitely one of the top rated WordPress theme and this is all for a good reason. The theme is available with some Visual composers and lots of elements on top of over 20 blocks that are custom made. There is also a dedicated section under the Theme Panel that you can use to create the custom layout for every category.

Therefore, the newspaper wordpress theme is one that comes with a lot of surprises. It has many footer and header templates, comprehensive documentation and a 40 grid layout. The theme has managed to integrate great designs, clean coding and a high loading speed. With Newspaper 6, you can easily manage Google AdSense on top of the ability to have mobile friendly and responsive ads. The theme has used the best in SEO practices, is easy and fast to use.

If you are considering this wordpress theme, one of the options that you can go for this Alyoum. The theme is not only technologically sophisticated but it is also intuitive and easy to use. It is highly reliable and safe, professional and serious, fresh and vibrant. The WordPress theme is also modern and responsive. The theme is greatly expansive and has been constructed over a long period of time. It is the right option if you are a webmaster who is looking to have a reliable and solid solution that will enable you to achieve success for your magazine or blog.

Alyoum is quite user friendly and easily navigable and your visitors will feel at home with the theme. The theme is also articulate technologically and it boasts of complete compatibility with the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins for the purpose of syndication as well as different functionality.  Its ability to integrate with WooCommerce ensures that it is possible to market everything from your blog or magazine and comes with a great rating system in 3 varieties on top of the thorough advertisement Readiness and therefore, you can start to monetize your posts and content from the first day. For the best WordPress newspaper themes, you should contact  99 theme.



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