Learn How to Choose a Magazine Theme

If you have plans to start an online newspaper or a news blog, one of the important decisions that you will need to make is the choice of a magazine theme.  First, you will need to consider whether to choose the free or premium magazine theme. Each of these options comes with its own pros and cons.

magazine theme

Some of the pros of the premium theme include:

  • More update
  • Designs that are less recognizable
  • Better documentation
  • Ongoing support
  • No attribution links

Cons of the premium themes include:

  • Come at a high price
  • A lot of unwanted features
  • More configuration

Generally, one of the key aspects to consider when searching for a theme, paid or free is the care and quality that goes into making it. The coding quality will affect all the other factors from the security to the speed of the page. In order to gauge the quality, you should go through the comments by their previous customers. When the theme comes with a public support forum, it is advisable to go through what people are saying.


It is important to optimize the speed of your website. A fast loading speed will not only improve the experience of the user but it can also help to improve your ranking on Google. This can translate into higher conversion rates as well as online revenue. It is important to avoid the themes that come with around ten different sliders, so many javascript animations and over 10 preinstalled plugins. It is also important to avoid themes that overuse the formats for large files.

User experience and design

The goal of any theme is to ensure that you have a great-looking website. This can help to show your brand in good light. Even though the design is a subjective issue, it is a good idea to spend your time going through various demos. Consider whether the website appears easy to use. For all your magazine themes, get in touch with 99Theme.


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